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Brexit Partners

Unique insight and practical business solutions to mitigate impact and maximise opportunity from Brexit.

We have brought together an unprecedented breadth of knowledge and expertise - from financial services, management consulting, academia and public policy - in order to support our clients as they address this unique and seismic shift.

Brexit-Partners are presently guiding businesses, trade bodies and governments through appropriately tailored Brexit programs - from impact analysis, through to mobilising practical response programs.

This work has allowed us to develop generic approaches, materials and tools that can be scaled and deployed widely across organisation size, industry sector and location.

Our network is continuously growing as we partner with legal, accounting, investment management, consulting, marketing, recruitment, and public relations advisors in supporting our clients.

Brexit-Partners has established a knowledge-base on all aspects of Brexit - incorporating perspectives and impact analyses from the UK, European Union and around the World. This library is informing the advice and guidance that we give.

Every organisation in the UK and many in the EU has an obligation to its stakeholders to understand and respond to Brexit. The need to document the many and far-reaching impact of Brexit - and respond in an appropriate and timely manner - has been highlighted by Legal, Accounting and Professional bodies as matter of good governance.

For those organisations with resource, knowledge or capacity constraints, Brexit Partners can provide a Brexit Programme Leader or Brexit Programme Mentor - on a full- or part-time basis.

This is essential for organisations needing rapidly to mobilise a Brexit programme - perhaps as a result of assuming a longer transition period than now seems likely. We can get businesses and organisations up-to-speed with Brexit, undertake audits and sign off response planning, or provide a mentor to support management during the transition.

We have an extensive partner network of professional advisors from leading local and international firms that we have trained in Brexit approaches and solutions - and whose work we quality assure.

Organisational readiness and conditioning is emerging as key to Brexit response in two respects. Firstly, it is highlighting a difference between to making those who aim to `sustain` their business - and those who are using the need to change to streamline internal processes and eliminate non-profitable lines-of-business. Secondly, there is a growing number of organisations that are opening up new markets and using new models to exploit opportunities whilst others are fire-fighting.

Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) are no less impacted by Brexit than bigger organisations. A nationwide survey of 500 SMEs, published in February 2018, revealed that one-in-three believe that their business simply won`t survive if the Brexit negotiations go badly. SMEs are the `lifeblood of the British economy` earning more than £1.8 trillion in revenue and accounting for 47% of private sector turnover in the UK. Their response is vital if the UK is to make a success of Brexit and Brexit-Partners are supporting them with assessment templates, guidelines and access to our knowledge-base.

Many organisations are considering re-location - driven by the need to have presence in multiple regulatory regimes in the event of `no-deal` or should the UK leave the single market or customs union at Brexit. Team members have previously established European and Headquarter functions in new jurisdictions and multiple regulatory frameworks.

Our location work is an illustration of Brexit-Partners experience and has included: location benefit and risk assessment; company structure and board appointments; regulatory considerations, authorizations and strategic portfolio transfer; Infrastructure considerations; finance and funding including access to state grants and other supports; stakeholder management and public relations; distribution agreements; partnering agreements; tax compliance; merger and acquisition opportunities; and issuing and managing tenders for local support.

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