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City of Malaga

Malaga is the best place to live, to work and to invest for foreign companies. To help companies and their employees, we provide soft landing services and assistance with the following aspect of the relocation process: finding office space or land, recruiting, visa applications, work permits, foreign identity number (NIE), tax matters, social security registration, temporary housing, bank accounts, home search, etc.

Accenture, Caterpillar, Ericsson, Fujitsu Ten, Google, Huawei, IBM, Oracle, and other international companies have benefited from competitive labor costs, low cost of living and high quality of life in Malaga.

As innovation transform the business models in almost every industry the quest for and retention of talented people is becoming more and more difficult. Companies must offer not only solid career opportunities and good salaries but also a work-life balance. Recently, companies like Ciklum, The Workshop, and ITRS have used the high quality of life in Malaga as an incentive and a competitive advantage to hire qualified people and to create the best teams.

Nearshoring, Telecommunications R&D, Software development, Smart City Solutions (energy smart grid, urban mobility, electronic government, waste management, Internet of Things, city sensors, big data analytics, Apps) Hardware manufacturing, RFID Components, Aeronautical Engineering, Tourism, Agriculture, Transportation & Distribution are the main sectors thriving in Malaga.

Ultimately, Malaga as a business location can add tremendous value to a company by lowering overall operating costs while at the same time rewarding employees with a very high-quality of life. Malaga is an excellent nearshoring destination.

Malaga is a beautiful costal city with all the amenities of a major European capital without traffic congestion, pollution nor stress.

It is characterized by its wonderful climate, attractive beach and mountain landscapes, extraordinary sunsets, delicious cuisine and hospitable people. With a population of 570.000 inhabitants (6th largest city in Spain), Malaga is a cosmopolitan Mediterranean city where residents of more than one hundred and fifty nationalities live together. There are more than 20 international schools in the area so education is bilingual and diverse.

Malaga`s state-of-the-art international airport has 2 runways, direct flights to 142 destinations in 31 different countries and receives more than 18 million passengers annually. Last year, 418,272 passengers arrived to Malaga on 233 cruise ships, while high-speed trains brought more than 3 million people to Malaga.

As the birthplace of Pablo Picasso and Antonio Banderas, the citizens of Malaga have a grand appreciation for the arts. There are more than 30 museums and 6 theatres in the city as well as dozens of cultural events throughout the year such as the Holy Week processions, Malaga Film Festival, Cultural Feria in August and the longest outdoor fashion show. The historical centre has many pedestrian spaces where one can enjoy diverse cultural offerings such as the Christian Cathedral, Moorish Alcazaba or the Roman amphitheatre.

Malaga is home to a professional football and basketball teams that compete at the highest levels. Malaguenas are avid sports people so you will always find people playing football, padel tennis, golf, running, cycling, swimming or just walking along the beach.

Given all the activities within the Malaga Valley innovative ecosystem, Malaga is a place where rich historical heritage and technology meet to improve the lives of its citizens.

Malaga is the only Spanish city in the top 10 of the Eurobarometer: Quality of Life in European Cities survey. The excellent work-life balance makes Malaga an ideal place to live and to raise your family.

Malaga Valley is an innovative ecosystem on the southern coast of Spain, known for its high-tech industry, its "Smart City" pilot projects and initiatives with a focus on energy efficiency and sustainability, its national high-speed rail research and development centre and its entrepreneurial spirit.

The most notable aspects of Malaga Valley are the (PTA), the University of Malaga (UMA), the Club Malaga Valley and the support structure for entrepreneurs. The Andalusian Technological Park (PTA), which began in 1992, has more than 635 companies and employs 16,000 people. The University of Malaga, with 36,000 students, the Samsung Tech Institute as well as nano-medicine & biotechnology centres concentrate knowledge and develop qualified people. In 2006, a European technological "think tank" called Club Malaga Valley was founded with the goal to design the policies and actions needed to reinforce the innovative ecosystem around the city known as Malaga Valley as a Silicon Valley in Europe.

Today, the City boasts more than 45 "Smart City" projects, programs and initiatives underway and boasts several internationally recognized pilot projects.

We created an Experimental Urban Laboratory within a municipal building with equipment and co-working space where companies can work side-by-side with the City`s engineers to test, to certify and to demonstrate new services and technologies within the Smart City concept.

Malaga boasts one of the largest European business incubators and accelerators network, consisting of 14 facilities that have a total capacity for more than 300 start-ups. We also have Smart Cities Accelerators sponsored by Spain`s largest communications provider, Telefonica.

Last year, Malaga became home to the first Spanish National Digital Content hub. A Centre for Excellence equipped with the latest technologies in 3D animation, virtual reality and graphic design. It has more than 6,000 m2 on 2 floors divided into recording studios, eSports video gaming stadiums, animation and graphic design centres, virtual reality experimentation rooms, 3D-printer laboratory, demonstration showrooms, training rooms, a Fablab, coworking spaces, business accelerators and offices.

The next five years in Malaga look bright and just because the sun is always shining.

Economic growth was 3 % in 201, 3.3 % in 2017 and is projected to be 3 % in 2018. Malaga is leading job creation and regional growth and is ranked 4th nationally in terms of economic expansion.

Tourism will continue to dominate in the region and Malaga will continue to benefit as the gateway to the famous, `Costa del Sol.`

At the same time, new employment models and geopolitical issues like BREXIT, the Eastern European unrest and the Catalonia crisis will help Malaga to become a more relevant business hub. More and more companies will take advantage of the benefits of Malaga as a nearshoring location.

Millennials are attracted to the lifestyle in Malaga; therefore more and more young people will choose to study, investigate, work and live in Malaga.

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