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Influence explains Brexit for business. Our exceptional EU knowledge gives your business a leading edge in a new commercial environment. We have a deep knowledge of both EU and UK law and politics. We are therefore best placed to assist businesses with the changes and uncertainty as a result of the Brexit negotiations.

Our robust analysis and interpretation of developments in the EU-UK relationship allow clients to gauge the impacts of Brexit on their business and how to address them.

Influence is based in the UK and has access to a wide pool of EU experts in the UK, Belgium and France. Our EU experts are experienced watchers of Westminster and Brussels. They are legal specialists, policy experts and seasoned diplomats, and understand the Anglo-Saxon business climate and the EU in equal measure.

Influence is keen to help minimise disruption to trade and business activity, to show the UK is open for business.

Influence was founded by Director Peter Wilding, former Conservative media chief, author of `What Next?` and coiner of the word Brexit. Influence is co-managed by EU and small business expert Sietske de Groot, and digital communications specialist David Angell.

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