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Invest in Soria

Invest in Soria: Spain's most competitive place to invest.

We pursue and highlight the position of the province of Soria as an enclave for industrial development; not only because of its geo-strategic location, but also because of the multiple economic incentives for industrialization and an unrivalled financial support. These factors support the implementation of medium- and long-term business initiatives in the province..

In Soria success in business and investment is guaranteed by a solid and lasting social peace, wage moderation and the immediate availability of competitive industrial land, so that any investment proposal can be materialized immediately.

In addition, the province of Soria, has one of the highest living standards in the EU, being one of the most long-lived societies on the European continent. At the same time, Soria stands out for enviable environmental quality supported by the use of its endogenous resources in a sustainable way.

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