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Malta Enterprise

Malta Enterprise provides wide-ranging assistance purposely designed to maximise the competitive edge of its client companies.

These include pre-investment fact finding visits in order to acquaint potential investors with the realities of operating out of Malta. Based on our extensive experience we are able to advise as to the feasibility or otherwise of the proposed plans as well as introduce promoters to similar operations in order to obtain the latter`s unvarnished views. We also make introductions to any official entities such as regulators or constituted bodies. All this allows the prospective investor to obtain the clearest possible picture which will assist in the drawing up of a viable business plan.

Should a promoter wish to take things forward, the corporation may allocate the following measures of assistance, based on approval by our board of directors:

1. Allocation of industrial space;
2. Access to finance such as soft loans, loan interest subsidies and loan guarantees;
3. Investment tax credits based on investment in either plant and machinery or employment figures;
4. A wide range of bespoke schemes designed to assist in a company`s export activities, research and development and so forth.

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