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Perigord Development Agency

If you`re looking for a place to set up and grow your business, Dordogne Perigord is looking forward to a great future. It combines a skilled workforce, economic vitality, accessibility, and excellent quality of life for you, your families and your employees.

Coming to Dordogne Perigord you can:
- Take advantage of a thriving economy
- Enjoy the quality of life
- Make the most of affordable real estate
- Get where you`re going easily

Perigord Development, the `one stop shop`, will accompany you on the three key steps in order to successfully establish your business:

1 - Planning & Preparation
- Information on the business and economy trends
- Information on the relevant business sectors & networks
- Overview of fundamental legal & taxation issues
- Assistance in the choice of service providers & experts
- Synopsis of support & financing mechanisms for your company

2 - Location search & selection
- Submission of project-related location criteria
- Presentation of ideal locations in the Perigord area
- Organisation of site visits
- Introduction to the relevant support institutions

3 - Implementation
- Introduction to our network of experts and service providers
- Arranging appointments with support & financing partners
- Communication with local authorities
- Assistance with human resources (National employment agency & private recruitment companies)

We offer free, personalized and confidential support to facilitate your business set-up or development project.

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