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PIB Insurance Brokers

Specialist Trade Credit Insurance brokers for SME's, Corporates and Banks.

It`s an inescapable truth that payment risk can come up at any time and from anywhere and it`s usually too late to do anything about it when it starts.

For most SME`s their major concern is getting the cash in through the door, whereas larger businesses seek to increase sales and grow without exposing the balance sheet to increased risk

Trade Credit Insurance provides the structure to help achieve all of this, and the support if it fails.

Businesses can protect their trade receivables with Trade Credit Insurance, thus securing cashflow, strengthening the balance sheet and tightening credit control.

This provides confidence to expand domestic and export sales, whilst growing the business safe in the knowledge that the debtor`s creditworthiness has been checked quickly and efficiently to ensure their ability to pay. It won`t change a bad risk into a good one, but it will prevent a good risk becoming bad.

The benefits Trade Credit Insurance bring you can include:

• Improved access to finance.
• Improved cashflow and reduced DSO.
• Removes the impact of unexpected bad debts and the impact on profit.
• Enhanced credit management.
• Reduced bad debt provisions.
• Assistance in collection of monies due.
• Cover for Default, Insolvency & Political Risks.

Operation is straight-forward. Credit limits are established for all debtors with whom the business trades or intends to trade with on credit terms based on anticipated exposure.
If the debtor fails or defaults in paying what is legally owed, a claim can be filed.

Policy structures range from simple covers for SME`s with minimal administration and `automatic` cover at a fixed price, to larger `excess of loss` programs with non-cancellable limits. Syndicates in Lloyds and other insurers will also support single risks to the more `challenging` export markets, allowing the opportunity to exploit lucrative avenues for growth without exposure to significant risk.

Our Product Suite includes:

• Whole Turnover.
• Excess of Loss.
• Top Account.
• Top-Up.
• Single Situation.

PIB is a dynamic insurance broker employing outstanding individuals with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the insurance market. We are an independent, client centric and service focused insurance broker.

Founded in 2014, PIB is growing rapidly and offers a range of specialist expertise, products and services to our clients. Our focus is on insurance market expertise, specialist client focus, strong personal relationships and client service excellence.

PIB is a registered Lloyds broker and a member of the UnisonSteadfast global network. We are also active members of the British Exporters Association (BExA).

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