So you think you need a translation? What now?

Successful international trade is fuelled through well translated websites, product leaflets, letters of introduction, and much more. If you have never had anything translated before you may be surprised at how cost effective it can be, sometimes bringing almost immediate results. 

When exploring new markets, which could be anything from a single web page to a major trade show, how can you ensure that you are getting your message across in the way that you originally intended? Lost in translation may well be an overused saying but it is a very real concern to anyone trading beyond their traditional market. The Institute of Translation and Interpreting is brimming with suitably qualified experts who can help support you now and as your business grows.

Visit our stand to answer some of your immediate questions:

- I think I need a translation, what do I do next? 

- How can translation increase my business and profits? 

- Can’t I just use Google Translate?

- How can I assess different translation providers?

- What is localisation and why is it so important?

- What other services should I consider (such as research, editing, and proofreading)?

- How do I write a brief for a translation?


Everyone Speaks English – Don’t They?


It’s a common idea that everyone in major international market places can speak and read English but the reality can be very different. Can’t afford to have it translated… you can’t afford not to! Find out how and why a small investment can reap big rewards as your new customers feel cared for and want to do more business with you.

‘But I’m just a small trader…‘


An Amazon seller popped into the offices of one of our members who sells LED light bulbs online. He had noticed that lots of people from Germany were visiting his website and so they did an hour of googling with him in German to research the market potential. He then decided to have his single page translated and was delighted when he got his first order from Germany the same day he published it.