GLOBAL INVESTOR WATCH – Launching early November 2016

As companies expand into new markets, they create opportunities for economic growth and new business investment. As an economic development professional or service provider, you need to access real-time, verified intelligence about these investments. Global Investor Watch delivers the corporate expansion intelligence you require.

GLOBAL INVESTOR WATCH is the new interactive FDI news and data service powered by Oxford Intelligence. It provides subscribers worldwide with high-quality verified news, data and analysis. Global Investor Watch is ready to equip organisation with the best information and tools to make winning decisions.

• Investments Database:  Our unique expertise and fine-tuned process provides a world class standard for collection, upgrading and verification of data. Subscribers can access over 80,000 verified projects and in 2015 alone our team identified and researched over 10,500 verified investment projects. These projects have generated over 580,000 jobs worldwide. 

• Next Generation Analytics: Global Investor Watch uses cutting edge analytics tools to present both high level and custom searches using heat maps and charts. Tailored statistics can be downloaded, searches saved and reports generated combining news, data and analysis. 

• Daily Newswire: Using their experience, the editorial team aims to provide subscribers with a broad selection of company, development agency and sector news across the inward investment arena. Subscribers are given a closer look at the latest global FDI projects as well as the wider market news, such as investment trends, government initiatives, disruptive technologies and new international investors. Subscribers can understand the context of the investments with 400+ news articles per month each with a company profile. 

• Industry events Global Investor Watch informs subscribers about upcoming sector and investment events around the globe.  

• Expert comment: Regular expert articles on industry and market trends, as well as national and regional attraction initiatives to provide a deeper insight into foreign direct investment as a whole.

Investor Indicators: In early 2017 OI will launch Indicators and will provide organisations with investment lead indicators based on the key signals that a company may be looking to expand into a new market. With a three tier subscription structure Global Investor Watch has a solution to meet your organisation’s budget and needs.

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