The Increasing FDI Opportunities in India

One nation that appears to provide a lucrative location for British businesses looking to relocate overseas is India - a country with the third largest economy in the world and the top global destination for foreign direct investment (ahead of China).

The two states have long enjoyed strong economic and trade-based ties. Back in 2015, bilateral trade of goods and services between India and the UK rose to £16.33bn; while Britain has been the third biggest direct investor in the South Asian country since 2001.

And with it still being unclear what kind of deal Britain will manage to negotiate with the EU for post-Brexit trade, the possibility of the UK further strengthening its relationship with India is something many British businesses will look to take advantage of once outside the EU.

Currently, UK firms encounter expensive tariffs when trading with India due to the lack of a free trade arrangement between India and the EU. However, talks are ongoing between the two nations for this to change post-Brexit - a move that would make India an even more attractive location for British businesses to both trade in, and relocate to.

That’s why, at London’s ExCeL on 16 & 17 May, 2018, the Foreign Direct Investment Expo will provide thousands of ambitious business owners with the latest expert guidance on the outward FDI opportunities from the UK to India.

Whether you want to discover which industries offer the most potential for British firms; which Indian city is the most inviting to set-up base in; or you’re looking for all-round insight on trading in the world’s fastest-growing investment region; you’ll find all the answers at FDI Expo.

And if a free trade agreement can be reached between the UK and India post-Brexit, then reports suggest that the British economy could benefit by as much as £2 billion per year; building on the 14% rise in India-UK trade in 2017.

So if you’re looking to break into the lucrative Indian economy and secure the future of your business after March 2019, FDI Expo is the must-attend event of your year.

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