Elena Gallego Cañabate

Invest in Andalucía/ Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalucía

Head of the Investment Promotion Division –Invest in Andalucía- within the Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalusia.

Mrs. Gallego has developed her professional career in the field of international trade and investment. She serves as head of the Investment Promotion Division –Invest in Andalucía- since the creation of the unit at the end of 2005. Prior to this, she worked for the Economy and Trade Office of the Spanish Embassies in Chile, South Africa and Mozambique as a Market Analyst, supporting exports and investments by Spanish companies in those countries. This experience allowed her to understand the needs of companies that come to a new country and the type of services they require. Additionally, Mrs. Gallego has advised and trained the staff for several regional FDI Agencies in Turkey and Morocco.
Mrs. Gallego holds a Degree in Law and specialized studies in International Management of companies.

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Andalusia as a business location

Andalusia is one of the largest and most populated regions in Spain. Worldwide recognized as a tourism destination it is also home to numerous local and multinational companies and research centers in several sectors such as aerospace, IT, biotech and food industry. Invest in Andalucía is the public institution providing support to investors within the planning and set up of activities in the region. Additionally, Invest in Andalucía supports companies already established to help them grow. This seminar is aimed to those looking for new opportunities and locations with a good mix of resources and attractiveness in a competitive environment.