Nadia Chibouti

Invest in Western France – Ocean & Loire region

Born in Nantes, capital city of Pays de la Loire, Nadia has a Master in International Trade with special focus on Food Import&Export.

Willing to promote its Mother Region she knows by heart abroad, she naturally decided to join the Invest in Western France regional economic development agency 15 years ago to advice & accompany foreign companies in developing their business & investing in Western France in various sectors: food processing, health & biotech, aeronautics, automotive, high tech & digital industries, renewable energies…

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WESTERN FRANCE: A winning location between Paris, Loire and Ocean

You may know the Ocean & Loire region in Western France for its beaches, wines & castles: but do you know why GKN Driveline has chosen Western France to implement there its European flagship & most modern manufacturing unit of the group?? Beyond its undeniable quality of living, Ocean & Loire region still ranks in the Top 3 industrial regions of France thanks to its economic & demographic dynamism; Come to discover one of the most dynamic ecosystem of France.