Nancy Martinez Fasoro

Lady Nancy Group – Nigerian Market Specialist

Nancy Martínez Fasoro is an International Business professional and Consultant specialised in the Nigerian market, who has developed her career in positions always related to Nigeria. In 2008 she decided to move to the country permanently and focus on understanding the different types of target customer. To work in positions like Branch Developer, Product Manager or Business Manager in Nigeria has allowed her to interact and analyse the market in deep. Since then she has successfully given Consulting Services for those companies interested in Nigeria as emerging market. She also give services as Nigerian Delegate for renowned Consulting Firms in Spain.

The success of her method is based on putting in consideration, in every project, the intercultural factors, and prioritizing the positive impact of the product or service in Nigeria, while giving a tailored strategy that will lead the client to a continuous and long lasting success in the country.

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Identifying Business and Investment Opportunities

This seminar will help the audience to have a clear view of the political and economic momentum of Nigeria. We will go deeper into the products and services in high demand, classified by sectors and also those products and services that the market needs, in this new economic scenario. We will also give insights of the main sectors for investing in Nigeria and basic things to consider when investing.