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Below is the Foreign Direct Investment Expo May 2017 timetable. November 2017 timetable will be updated closer to the event...

Wednesday 17th May

Thursday 18th May


11.00 - 11.30

João Gil Figueira

Portugal – a safe and tax efficient jurisdiction for global entrepreneurs and retirees

Overview of Portugal’s residency, citizenship and tax regimes for enterprises and individuals.


11.45 - 12.15

Saud Al Mazrouei

Expanding Business Globally

As the Middle East and Africa becomes an ever more lucrative destination for global businesses, the competition to secure that business becomes equally as fierce. Minimal costs and maximum efficiency play a large role but ultimately it is the delivery of the entire package which will see the strongest businesses thrive. At SAIF ZONE we believe that we not only provide that package for this region, we deliver a product that connects our partners to the rest of the world. So the seminar will be directed towards how to take your business globally esp. concentrating on Middle East region.


12.30 - 13.00

Simon Smiley

European Challenger brands in the Chinese eCommerce market

Launching products into the Chinese market used to be costly and complicated. With the explosive growth of cross border eCommerce in China, supplying products from Europe direct to a Chinese consumer has never been easier. Forget everything you’ve heard about accessing the Chinese market. Join us to hear about the newest and easiest routes to selling your products to the 400 million Chinese consumers already buying online.


13.15 - 13.45

Radoš Gazdić

Direct Investment In Serbia

Serbia has grown into one of the premier investment locations in Central and Eastern Europe. This was recognized by the World Bank Doing Business List where Serbia moved up 44 places over the past two years and now is ranked 47th showing the improvemnet in business conditions including the increase of business-friendly regulations. Serbia offers a very competitive value proposition – strategic geographical location, well-educated and well-trained labour force, competitive operating costs, duty-free exports to both Europe and Russia, lowest corporate tax in Europe of 15 % and a variety of incentives available for investors. The opportunities are present in the banking sector, telecommunications, real-estate, automotive, agro-food, manufacturing and processing, IT industries. Serbian Development Agency is a government organization dedicated to facilitating and implementing direct investments, promoting and increasing exports, improving the competitiveness of Serbian economy and economic and regional development of the Republic of Serbia. In the presentation we will focus on the opportunities Serbia can offer to the foreign investors from all around the world.


14.00 - 14.30

Emil Stickland

International eCommerce

A synopsis of the major barriers to international ecommerce, and how companies might overcome them to maximise cross-border trade online.


14.45 - 15.15

Martyn Redman

EU VAT Focus - Pitfalls, Penalties & Solutions

Tax authorities across Europe are being given increasing powers to investigate VAT compliance and increasingly stringent penalties are being introduced. It is therefore of paramount importance - for businesses of all sizes - to successfully manage all VAT obligations. Martyn will discuss this and investigate how technology can provide you with an efficient solution.


15.30 - 16.00

Brian Dakers

Brexit Toolkit – Assess the impact on your business

Brexit presents a great opportunity for UK businesses to thrive international. Brian Dakers, International Trade Manager at the North East England Chamber of Commerce, will discuss the opportunities and potential impact of Brexit on your business. With the United Kingdom expected to leave the Customs Union, Brian will demonstrate how to calculate the potential tax and duty costs of raw material and component imports, and potential tariffs on European sales, using a simple online tool. In addition, what are the likely post-Brexit regulation changes, procedural changes and available customs regimes to minimise the impact.


16.15 - 16.45

Alex Hersham

The Future Of Freight & Logistics

How digitisation is breaking down barriers to trade & will make it easier for medium sized businesses to access new markets. New Digital Logistics providers will save operations teams huge amounts of time, reduce complex and burdensome give them the confidence to compete internationally.